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Get Frontline Support and Exclusive Bonuses
Follow these simple instructions to get started. If you need help, open a chat session with me. The chat icon is at the bottom right corner of this page. You can also call me on the phone at (949) 351-4806.

(1) At the top right of the page, make sure you see my name “Adrian Castro“, my email “”, and my phone number “949-351-4806”. If you don’t see my information, enter the URL on a new tab – “”
(2) Click on “Associate Registration” to sign up as an associate.

(3) Make sure you verify the Sponsor information. It should show my company name and associate ID “Affluere LLC (111115852)“. Fill in your information and proceed to the payment page…

You can become an associate for as little as $40. The $40 enrolls you as an Associate and

a. you receive a Welcome Package with a product sample (worth $35) and
b. marketing materials. As an associate:
c. you are allowed to purchase the entire product line at wholesale pricing, and
d. you receive a replicated website where customers can purchase product from you.

There is no commitment to sell product and there are no drop shipments that you must sell. If you decide you want more product to sell or for samples to prospective clients.

Get The Launch Kit OTO and Additional Exclusive Bonuses
After payment of the $40 registration fee, you will be presented the ONE TIME OFFER (OTO) for the Launch Kit. I strongly recommend you purchase it because the Launch Kit ($385 retail value) is only priced at $200 (almost 50% off).

Please note that the Launch Kit is only offered to New Associates on the day you register. You are unable to purchase it at a later date. It costs $200 (plus the $40 membership fee) and you receive $288 worth of product at cost which you can sell at $385 and gives you $185 of profit.

You will also get an additional bonus from me when you purchase the ONE TIME OFFER (OTO).